Dictation and Document Management

When office managers think of document management their first thought is not about dictation. What they are thinking about is how much they will save by converting their paper files to digital. However if they are a medical practice or a law firm they should also be thinking about how they generate all that paper to begin with.

Providing a smooth flow of information throughout the office should be a primary concern which also means that the ability of your system to get the information into the system should also be a primary concern. The selection of a dictation management system could well determine the success or failure of your conversion to digital document management. The system you select should have seamless integration to voice recognition as well as the ability to route completed transcription work into you document management system.

Dictation Depot installs and supports a number of integration options to address these issues.

We sell, install and maintain Olympus and Phillips dictation recorders.

We sell, install and maintain Dragon® voice recognition software. We carry packages that are specifically designed for your practice both medical and legal.