It is your business

Selecting solutions for your dictation and transcription needs for your business need not to be a complex task. Your focus should be upon your business model and your strategic goals. Choosing a vendor that can bring over forty years of experience to bear on those business tasks increases productivity and stream lines for efficiency. Dictation Depot is that vendor.

We understand your IT environment whether it be wan, lan, Terminal Services or Citrix®. We provide the information and tools needed to remotely manage the total solution. With remote access we can install and configure the solution for efficient work flow.

My business is Unique!

Dictationdepot understands distinct professional needs and bring solutions that balance cost savings, efficiency and productivity for a best fit integration. Dictationdepot provides individual solutions that are tailored to your enterprise needs.

If the conversion of voice to text in your enterprise needs improvement we can help. If you need multi-site support we can help. If you need voice recognition software we can help. If you need enterprise based management we can help. If you need remote support we can help. In short we can help.

Selecting enterprise level solutions for your business can be a daunting task. It goes beyond just picking a software package and hardware for the staff. You should choose a an experienced vendor

Law Enforcement

Legal Profession

Medical Profession

Insurance Profession

Dictation solutions for the enterprise can do more then increase the productivity of a particular area of your business. They can provide a wide variety of solutions that can be applied directly to business model problems. Directing the solutions from an enterprise business model view point allows various departments to become more efficient because the tools are inter-operable.