Olympus Medical Practice System

If you are a doctor with a practice you need to consider the Olympus professional dictation and transcription system. They provide features to address the most demanding needs of any medical practice. With the Affordable Care Act came new challenges for the medical field. Hospitals, medical practices and independent doctors are feeling the pressure from both a time and monetary perspective. A properly configured dictation and transcription system needs to address these increased work load requirements. Olympus has produced a compliment of products that address these requirements with a unified and systemic approach.

The Olympus Medical Practice System is an efficient office system for any medical practice. The Olympus system bridges the key components in your health care system to create a work flow path to save your practice both time and money.


  • Reduce Costs
  • Increased Quality of Care
  • Enhanced Patient Experience

The Olympus Professional Voice System combines Hardware, software and services into your work flow to save your practice time and money while improving your quality of care and improving your patient experience. The main components of their system include the DS-7000 hand held digital voice recorder, The Olympus Dictation Management System and The AS-7000 transcription work station. Their system also includes seamless integration with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 to further enhance your productivity.

Workload management is an essential tool in mitigating your rising costs in the healthcare fields. Olympus has developed hardware and software enabling the healthcare professional to focus on the patients needs.

Consider a family care physician who sees 20 to 25 patients a day in a facility with staffed by a group of physicians and office staff. The office staff work stations are outfitted with the AS-7000 Olympus transcription bundle. Which consists of a dedicated four button foot pedal, a comfortable professional transcription headset and the ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System). After the physician consults with the patient he dictates his notes into the DS-7000 professional voice recorder stating the patient number and his notes. He then places the recorder into the supplied docking station which automatically routes the dictation in the system with the ODMS software.

The DS-7000 voice recorder facilitates HIPPA compliance through a number of features. The DS-7000 is encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption with passcode device locking. It is also fully integrated with the ODMS workflow software.

DS-7000 Hardware features include a high performance dictation microphone tailored for speech recognition and clear voice recording. A fully programmable slide switch enabling blind operation. Three programmable function keys enabling macro execution further enhances DS-7000 for your environment. The efficiency of the DS-7000 provides for up to 306 hours of recording and a 26 hour battery life.

The dictation file appears on the routing screen of the office staff's work station where it can be automatically routed through Dragon speech recognition converting it to text. This efficient work flow system is made possible through a one time setup by professionals from Dictation Depot.

This system allows for centralized management of the applicable hardware and software remotely. This enables physicians and office staff to focus on more productive tasks than software or hardware configuration and operation.

Olympus also provides for offsite transcription with their configurable and powerful dictation app. This does require a monthly fee for cloud services but enables you to perform the same functions with the same routing capabilities as the DS-7000.

The Olympus system provides maximum performance with

  • Industry standard encryption
  • Trusted security
  • Cost savings
  • Painless installation
  • Efficient administration