Repair Services

We have been servicing Dictation Equipment for over 30 years. We maintain parts and factory trained technicians.

If you need repairs on SONY Dictation Equipment, or any other Major Brand simply enclose a note describing the problem in detail and send the unit to us at our street address:

We still have a large supply of parts knowing that all analog Dictating Machines are either discontinued or will be this year 2013. For that reason Dictation Depot offers tradein pricing for your old machines. We need to maintain our parts level. As parts become less and less available we will have tradeins that can become our source.

Dictation Depot

218 E. Bearss Ave #370

Tampa, FL 33613

Shop Rates:

$95/hour labor plus parts and shipping.

Most repairs can be done within a 1 hour charge. Please specify on your note if you require an estimate before repairing. We do not charge for estimates. We guarantee our repairs for 90 days and new parts for 1 year. Further questions? Please Contact Us

Cassette Repairs

Got a jammed or broken tape with critical dictation on it? We can repair almost any chewed up, jammed, off the spool, rewound and it kept going, flipped, or unwound micro or standard cassette you have. Stuck in your machine? Send us the whole machine with the tape in it. We will remove it and repair both the cassette and the machine. This is routine for us.

Cassette repairs are:

$150 each plus shipping

Enclose a note and send to the address above. We can typically turn them around the same day.