IChannel is the full function Transcription System that brings management control to your office like no other. An Administrator can monitor all Digital Dictation work flow and re-assign any Digital Dictation to any Transcriptionist as needs be. The Author's name, time and date of Dictation, stays with the re-assignment.

Workloads are easily redistributed to those that are available for the overflow assignments.

The Ichannel Digital Transcription System is compatible with Philips Digital and Olympus Digital recorders. In fact Ichannel Digital Transcription Systems can transcribe from almost any format, i.e. mp3, wav etc.

The Ichannel interface displays priority recordings in RED bringing them to the attention of the transcriptionists. The included comfortable headset allows the tramscriptionist to remain focused. An ergonomic configurable full function foot-pedal allows the fast-forward on the left or right. Standard digital features include: speed, volume, tone and auto-review.

You're in control with Digital iChannel Transcription Software.

We will install, train, service, and configure your system specifically for you. Your transcriptionist's efficiency will increase which saves you money. Your digital dictation and transcription system, from author to transcriptionist, will be seamless.

Ever work from home? Can you access the "at work computer" from home? All you need to have is a foot pedal, headset, and software at home. It's easy.

We carry the accessories, adapters, batteries and replacement parts you need for success.

"Service is our Stock in Trade".