Olympus offers you Professional Digital Recorders that features the "Full Function Slide Switch". They are the DS9500,and the DS7000.

For medical professionals and those with the need for encryption we offer the HIPAA compliant DS7000 Olympus Digital Dictation Recorder.

You have full control under your Thumb to record, review, listen, correct and insert text into your Dictation.

We always implement your System with your productivity in mind. If you need to have your dictation transcribed by different recipients such as a "Private Secretary, Word processing, and perhaps Billing to yet another recipient then we will configure your Digital Recorder to display those choices in your recorder's display.

It is most important to make your purchase from the organization that has the expertise to install, train, service, and configure your System properly. We will make it as seamless between Author and Transcriptionist as possible. We do that for you.

With several decades of experience Dictation Depot can successfully integrate your strategies and solutions guaranteeing increased productivity.

Olympus has Three Digital Recorders that features the "Full Control Slide Switch". They are the DS7000, DS5000, and the DS5000ID.

The others however, offer a price advantage because they utilize push buttons to control the various functions. We will be happy to advise you depending on your intended use.

Need an extra Docking Station set up to work from home? We have that. Get a spare cradle here.

We carry all the accessories and replacement parts available you will ever need. For 47 years our motto has been, "Service is our Stock in Trade".