Pathology Dictation Systems

Call IN from anywhere and dictate

Pathology Systems can be very expensive and yet yield the poorest results. We have many Pathologists insisting on our "Handsfree" Digital Recording Systems often times replacing or running parallel with the far more expensive ones they already have. Our idea has been "Make it simple and make it Work". We have done that.

Our Best Selling solution Radiology or Pathology sells for only $948.00 with the Olympus AS7000 Transcribe unit has become one of our most popular. It faithfully records the voice, plays back for review and sends it to the Transcriptionist without fail.

Our Three pedal foot control for "Record, Review/Play, and Next job" comes in normal or waterproof configuration. It works.

With several decades of experience we can certainly help you achieve great results with your System.

Call and let us help you choose the right solution. (813)240-5891

When you combine the right Microphone with the right foot control you will have a Pathology Dictation System that performs to your expectation.

High Quality Audio is incredibly easy when you partner with an organization with our expertise. We will be happy to advise you depending on how and where you intend to record.

Call or eMail us for referrals or Questions regarding your needs and we will help. We service, repair, install and train.

We carry all the accessories and replacement parts you will ever need. For 47 years our motto has been, "Service is our Stock in Trade".