Digital Upgrade from analog to digital

If you've been looking at new dictation and transcription equipment, you've noticed that all the latest equipment is digital. While your present system is analog. Upgrading from analog to digital can be easily accomplished with some fore thought and planning. The benefits from upgrading are numerous not only to your bottom line but also to your work flow efficiency. Recorded documents can know be emailed, electronically transferred and routed via embedded code. Dictation can now be created in one location and transcribed in an entirely different location.

For example a person at home can transcribe work done at the office by simply opening the email or by any link back to the office.

The most important advice I can give you is above all else Please make your purchase from someone:

a) That has been in dictation systems for a long time

b) Has the expertise to route your Authors' dictation to the Transcriptionist intended.

Some may have several destinations where their dictation should go. Billing may need to be sent automatically to one transcriptionist while normal dictation to another.

Uprade program

Our upgrade program allows you to trade in your old system for your new system. We give a generous trade-in allowance for your old equipment mainly because we will need parts long after they stop making them.

Your won't have to learn a new way of dictating. All the familiar controls are still there. Single slide switch for dictating, rewind, stop and listen. The foot control still start/stops, and back spaces. You have speed, tone, and auto back space the way it's always been. You can even have your foot control customized specifically the way you want.

I can't emphasise this enough; make your purchase from someone with expertise. We install all of our Digital Systems and straighten out others.

Support is another very important consideration. After the purchase is made you will have questions.

With Dictation Depot you always have direct access to people that will step you through any situation you find yourself in. My direct number is 813 2405891.

Please watch our short Video of how easy it is to go from cassette to Digital Dictation Equipment. Just click on video below to start it.

Cassette to Digital