New Generation of Dictaphone Equipment

Before transcribers were voice activated and before tapes gave way to all digital recording, there was Dictaphone equipment. It wasn't that long ago that Dictaphone was one of the best known brand names in the United States and the only name associated with the art of voice recording. Today, the playing field is a bit crowded thanks to the likes of the Sony digital recorder, Olympus equipment and others, but the Dictaphone name is sill easily recognized, even though the company went through a major reorganization in recent years. Today, they concentrate mainly on equipment for lawyers but the history of voice recording wouldn't be complete without a major chapter dedicated to Dictaphone equipment.

Lanier, Dictaphone Transcriber Battle Early

Another company that has been competing for a share of the voice transcriber pie is Lanier. Dictaphone transcriber technology that was long ago patented by Dictaphone is now used by every company in the voice recording business today. In fact, you could fill an entire encyclopedia with information on the technology that Dictaphone helped to patent and invent in the time that they were one of the largest companies in America. From Sony, to Olympus, to Philips digital recorders, everyone has borrowed technology from Dictaphone, including Lanier. Dictaphone transcriber technology of yesteryear may not look cutting edge now, but at the time, it was the hot name of its day.

Sony Yields to Olympus and Philips Digital Recorders

Even today, the most reliable name brand in the world of dictation is the Sony Recorder. They have offered dozens of models from low end to high end for everyone who needs to capture that all important interview, and court recording. Now all that is made easier with Olympus or Philips digital recorders. Some digital recorder models even allow for your audio files to be uploaded to your computer for safe keeping.

No matter what brand or style fits your needs, when you need the best in Olympus, or Philips and other cutting edge dictation equipment models, shop Dictation Depot for all of your recording needs.