Olympus Dictation App with AS-9000

Olympus Dictation App with AS-9000

    Price: $448.00

    Code: AS-9000Mobile

    Weight: 2.00 pounds

    Olympus Dictation App with AS-9000

    Olympus, offers a smart phone app for $99.00 which enables you to dictate, rewind, listen and "send" your dictation wirelessly and be productive where ever you are.

    When bundled with the Olympus AS7000 ODMS Transcription System you have a complete Digital System.

    The Olympus Smart Phone App is compatible with APPLE iphone and Android devices.

    Olympus AS90000' best transcription kit with all the latest features will automatically receive your dictation from your smart phone "Wirelessly".

    Complete with footswitch, headset, and powerful software

    Olympus monitors your secretary's email attachments (DS2, DSS, WAV, WMA, and MP3 audio files) and automatically imports them into the AS7000 Transcription Software ready to be typed.

    For Assistance: Keith Brookins (813) 240-5891 or kbrookins@dictationdepot.com

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