DS Dragon Pro Bundle with DS-9500 Dictate and AS-9000 Transcribe

DS Dragon Pro Bundle with DS-9500 Dictate and AS-9000 Transcribe

    Price: $1,279.98

    Code: ASDS-9500DRAGON

    Weight: 5.00 pounds

    DS Dragon Pro Bundle with DS-9500 Dictate and AS-9000 Transcribe
    "Use your Olympus DS 9500 like your smart phone dictate from anywhere wirelessly."

    The DS Dragon Pro Individual Bundled with the new DS9500 Digital Dictation Recorder and AS9000 Digital Transcribe Kit combined with the Dragon Professional creates automation like never before

    Perfect System for one Attorney and Legal Assistant using Dragon Professional

    The DS-9500 Olympus Digital Dictation Recorder (with the Sony style Slide Switch) and a 2 year warranty sets a new industry standard in medical dictation equipment. The Record, Rewind, and Listen is just like your Cassette recorder, all done with your thumb.

    The DS-9500 Comes with Li-on Rechargeable Battery, AC Adapter, USB Cable, ODMS CD, Carrying Case, and Docking/Recharging Station.

    You Dictate, dock your recorder and the Dictation is immediately sent to the Transcriptionist's Computer.

    A message will appear in the lower right portion of the screen saying "You have received new Dictation"

    The Dictation now is available in audio and Text

    By pressing the foot control you will hear the dictation and see the Mouse move through the text in synchronization with the audio.

    At any time you can stop, correct and continue

    When you are through Editing you click on file, save, and the saved text is automatically exported to your word processing software i.e. Word, Word Perfect etc

    There you may cut, copy and paste text into any form or template you use

    Micro soft and Mac compatible

     Transcribes DSS, DS2, WMA, WAV, Mp3, AIFF (almost every format)

    It is the total Office

    • Enhanced integration for Dragon Naturally Speaking.
    • Runs Dragon Professional Speech Recognition in the background
    • eMail and FTP routing rules.
    • Software supports multiple Languages.
    • Automatic Incoming work notifications foreground and background.
    • Comfortable headset
    • Ergonomic foot control.

    "Service is our Stock in Trade".