Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 w/Philips SpeechMike Air

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 w/Philips SpeechMike Air

    Price: $1,899.00

    Code: DMPII3000

    Weight: 1.00 pounds

    Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 w/Philips SpeechMike Air

    Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2
    with the LFH-3000.

    The SpeechMike Air combined with Dragon Medical Practice EditionII gives clinicians the Freedom to wirelessly create a narrative in their own words the elements of a patient encounter. Clinicians can document the History of present illness, Review of Systems, Physical Examination, Assessment and Plan Care in their own words. Dragon Medical Practice Edition supports HIPA.

    Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2

    Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has been designed to aid physicians, nurses and healthcare providers document care. Dragon Medical Practice EditionII supports over 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies and supports HIPAA guidlines.

    Dragon Medical Practicce EditionI 4 supports major EHR like Allscripts ™, NextGen ®.

    Put your keyboard away and customize voice commands with your terminology. Save time by dictating with more than 99% accuracy directly into your EHR, or send emails, prescriptions, patient instructions and letters all through voice commands.

    The Philips SpeechMike Air

    It is wireless!

    The SpeechMike Air with Micro-Organism Protective Shield has a proven comfortable fit in your hand and has been optimized for one thumb operation. With its integrated laser sensor track ball, allowing easy control of your software,Configurable buttons have been configured for Dragon all at the convenient touch of your thumb. Noice-canceling microphone is designed to reduce background noise while tailored for speech recognition. All voice data is encrypted and securely transferred from up to 33 feet away, giving you the freedom you need.

    System Integration

    System integration is easy with the leading enterprise dictation systems.

    This package is fully capable of integration with existing workflow systems. Even in house systems with its optional Philips SDK development kit.

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