Dragon Pro v.15

Dragon Pro v.15

    Price: $500.00

    Code: DRAGONPROV15

    Weight: 1.00 pounds

    Dragon Pro v.15

    Dragon Professional v15

    New in V15

    Seamless synchronization with Dragon Anywhere.

    Supports Windows 10 touchscreen PC.

    Developed for Educators, Social Services & Public Safety.

    You know that typing is a drag on productivity. It's tedious and time-consuming, not to mention it causes injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. In a word, typing is brutal.

    You also know there's a better way: Dragon.

    Dragon Professional Individual 15 will save you valuable time – allowing you to type faster and more accurately, control your PC, and more – better than any previous version of Dragon. It's nothing short of a miracle.

    This latest release delivers a minimum 15% accuracy increase by leveraging cutting-edge Deep Learning technology. It also features new transcription functionality, optimization for touchscreen PCs, broader application support, and more – all letting you work faster and smarter. For decades we've been building towards a Dragon that's incredibly accurate, extremely powerful, and super easy to use – and here it is.

    Now we want you using it.

    Use your Five Star rated Olympus DS9500 with Dragon Professional.

    Let Dragon Professional quickly build a custom vocabulary from your dictation .

    For Assistance: Keith Brookins (813)240-5891 or kbrookins@dictationdepot.com