DS-2600 Digital Recorder

DS-2600 Digital Recorder

    Price: $299.00

    Code: DS-2600

    Weight: 1.00 pounds

    DS-2600 Digital Recorder

    The DS-2600 combines simplicity, flexibility and enhanced clarity in a handheld recorder for use in any environment. Utilizing advanced features including noise canceling microphone system, best in class file encryption and advanced structural integrity the DS-9000 will simply improve your workflow and increase your dictation management efficiency. Dual microphones with intelligence keep the focus on the user dictating by controlling the directionality and suppressing ambient noise in loud environments. Studio filters on the microphones reduce environmental sounds like wind and breath vibrations enhancing the clarity of your voice recordings.

     The DS-2600 Olympus Digital Dictation Recorder (with the Sony/Lanier style Slide Switch) and a 2 year warranty sets a new industry standard in medical and legal dictation equipment. 

    The Record, Rewind, and Listen is just like your Cassette recorder, all done with your thumb.

    The body of the DS-2600 is shock proof tested at 1.5 meter drops and is equipped with an optical slide switch making it dependable in heavy use environments. For your security concerns, the DS-2600 has 256 bit AES encryption and a device pin lock. You can trust it with your sensitive information.

    Comes with only the USB for downloading and charging. Options: CR21 dock and  AC-517 available for AC charging,