Legal Transcription Starter Bundle

Legal Transcription Starter Bundle

    Price: $849.98

    Code: DSAS9000Legal

    Weight: 5.00 pounds

    Legal Transcription Starter Bundle
    DS9000 with Transcription Bundle and FREE SmartPhone App

    DS9000 comes with the AS9000 and a

    Olympus Smart Phone app compatible with Apple iPhone and Android smart phones.

    The best Digital Dictation device with the most versatile Transcription Device. The Record, Rewind, and Listen is just like your Cassette recorder, all done with your thumb.

    The DS-9000 Olympus Digital Dictation Recorder (with the Sony/Lanier style Slide Switch) and a 2 year warranty sets a new industry standard in medical dictation equipment. The Record, Rewind, and Listen is just like your Cassette recorder, all done with your thumb.

    (Optional CR21 docking station $69.95 and a517 Adapter $29.99}

    The DS9000 comes with Li-on Rechargeable Battery, AC Adapter, USB Cable, ODMS CD, Carrying Case, and Docking/Recharging Station. Hipaa Compliant

    Combine all this with a Free Olympus Smart Phone App for Apple iPhones or Android and you have all the bases covered You can dictate, rewind, listen and "send" your dictation wirelessly from your smart phone.

    Designed for professionals with real-time 256-bit file encryption, a redesigned, independently housed microphone, enhanced battery life and next-generation Olympus Dictation Management Systems (ODMS) software.

    The dictation from your iPhone or Android is imported automatically into the Olympus AS9000 transcription software and ready for transcribing.

    Olympus AS-9000' best transcription kit with all the latest features to make work flow integration efficient and successful. With your foot or custom hand control you can stop, rewind, play, fast forward and even adjust the "auto Backspace" control just like you did with your cassette transcriber.  Transcribes DSS, DS2, WMA, WAV, Mp3, AIFF (almost every format)

    The AS9000 comes with Enhanced integration for Dragon Naturally Speaking (Background and foreground)

    Olympus best Comfortable headset Ergonomic foot control

    eMail and FTP routing rules.

    Software supports multiple Languages

    Automatic Incoming work notifications foreground and background.