Dragon® Legal

Dragon® Legal

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    Dragon® Legal

    Dragon Legal (See Video Below)

    Developed for Attorneys,Paralegals & Transcriptionists.

    Dragon Legal offers a preconfigured vocabulary with legal-specific terms. Automatically formats legal citations, and is customizable for fast document turnaround and reduce reliance on support staff. Dragon NaturallySpeaking v15 Legal sets the standard in voice recognition software with top-notch accuracy, speed, regional accent support, and it even formats legal citations. 

    Dragon Legal has been optimixed for use on Windows 10 touchscreen platforms and mobile devices that support hybird keyboard and touch interaction modes.

    Dragon Legal will seamlessly sync with Dragon Anywhere (sold separately) mobile dictation solution.

    We highly recommend using one of our high quality input devices such as the DS7000 which carries a five star Dragon Rating, or the Olympus DR2200, or Nuance microphone shown below.

    Please watch our Olympus DS7000 and Dragon Legal videos on how it works.

    For Assistance: Keith Brookins (813) 240-5891 or kbrookins@dictationdepot.com

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