Olympus Conference Kit 2 mic

Olympus Conference Kit 2 mic

    Price: $649.95

    Code: SMOMC02

    Olympus Conference Kit 2 mic

    Our basic conference recorder kit. Includes everything you need for recording interviews, depositions or small meetings.

    This kit features the Olympus DS-3500 stereo recorder which allows for more accurate transcription when combined with two channel transcription software, such as our SD-9000 transcription kit. (available for purchase separately or as a complete kit as SMOMC02-SD)

    The Olympus DS3500 recorder is a stereo recorder with the ability to use a dual external microphones to produce a true stereo recording. This is important when transcribing the recorded interview or conference. It allows the transcriptionist to better isolate a voice on the recording when used with a two channel transcription solution. The DS3500 is a professional recorder with device passcode ID and real time DSS pro encryption in either 128 or 256 bit. Which also makes it HIPAA compliant.

    The Olymous ME33 boundary microphones are designed specifically to be used in conference settings where the main object of the recording is voice. They are purpose built to record voice at a distance automatically cutting extremely high and low frequency sounds improving recording usability and audio quality. They are attractive and low profile so they fit in well in conference room decor.

    Included with the kit is an attractive durable case that will protect the kit as you carry it to your meeting. The foam inserts are cut specifically for the equipment it carries providing protection for your recorder and microphones.