SONY BM-577 575 Portable Micro cassette Dictator (Pre-owned)


  • Slide switch for dictate/stop/play/rewind.
  • Rewind springs back to play when released.
  • Extremely durable metal casing.
  • VOR for handsfree recording and has sensitivity adjustment.
  • Lock prevents accidental recording.
  • Microphone sensitivity switch for dictating or recording meetings.
  • Fast playback allows you to listen in less time.
  • Fast forward cueing allows you to find a specific point on the tape.
  • LED flickers in response to your voice so you know you're recording.
  • LED brightness indicates battery strength.
  • 3 digit tape counter.
  • 2 speeds allow you to cut the speed in half and get twice as much dictation on one tape.
  • End-of-tape alarm.
  • External microphone jack.
  • Earphone/headset jack.
  • Frequency response 300-3000Hz at 2.4cm/sec.
  • 3V DC input jack.
  • 1" speaker.
  • Power output 250mW (at 10% THD).
  • Requires 3V DC by 2 AAA batteries
  • Alkaline batteries last approximately 7 hours.
  • Optional 3V AC adaptor SONY AC-E30HG
  • Optional telephone record coupler
  • SONY MC-60BM microcassettes recommended
SONY BM-577 575 Portable Micro cassette Dictator (Pre-owned)

    Price: $399.00

    Code: bm577

    Weight: 1.00 pounds

    SONY BM-577 575 Portable Micro cassette Dictator (Pre-owned)


    This SONY BM-577/575 Portable Micro cassette Dictator (Pre-owned) is a very rugged, durable machine able to withstand years of hard, daily use. It has excellent sound quality and more than enough features. Most importantly, it has the single slide-switch design SONY is famous for among professionals. Using it quickly becomes second nature, which allows your mind to stay focused on your dictation rather than which button to push. For this reason, it's very popular with attorneys, doctors, executives, insurance adjusters, and any other professional to whom dictation is critical.

    The tape deck itself is based on an extremely reliable design that SONY has used since the early '80's. Back then a comparable model would havecost around $425.

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