Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4

    Price: $1,599.00

    Code: dmpe4

    Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4
    Nuance® has improved their premier product with the introduction of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4.

    Performance that is fast & reliable, Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 achieves 99% accuracy out of the box significantly outperforming all previous versions.

    Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 has been optimized specifically for the medical practice environment giving health care organizations the ability to implement solutions that best suit their workflow needs.

    Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 is a "best of practice on-premise clinical speech recognition product". It feeds directly into your EHR. Dragon Medical boosts your efficiency, increases physician satisfaction, and elimates transcription costs.

    More Accurate
    Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 is powered by a next generation speech engine achieving 99% accuracy out-of-the-box without training.

    Advance Deep Learning Technology
    Continuously learns and adapts to environmental variations and unique voices improving performance while working.

    Newly Designed Dragonbar
    The new Dragonbar has been enhanced to offer intuitive access to popular features. The Dragonbar can be dragged around the screen and auto-colapses when not in use.

    Superior Transcription of Recorded Speech
    The new enhanced process for transcription reduces the number of steps required to transcribe your audible dictation leveraging their state of the art voice recognition system.

    Optimized for Portable Touchscreens
    Our new interface with the Dragonbar is optimized for windows 10 tablets or tablet mode devices allows easy interaction with Dragon via touch.

    Quality Documentation for Quality Care
    Specifically designed for use in practices of 24 or less enabling adaptive implementation. More than 10,000 healthcare facilities worldwide use this solution.